Video Gallery

On this page, you will find flip-through videos, speed coloring videos, and more.


The short videos give the viewer an indication of a few pages between the covers of my books Color In Fashion: A Stylish Adult Coloring Book and Color In Wonder: An Adult Coloring Book of Childhood Memories. They are a quick way to acquaint yourself with what is inside.


The speed coloring video is a fun way to see a black and white page quickly become an amazing, full-color illustration. It’s a great way to pick up on color choices and technique by the very talented Adrienne from Cleverpedia, and it’s set to fun music.


Coloring Book Addict reviewed my book with a lovely flip-through and commentary in the video posted here.

Coloring a Page from Color in Wonder


Here is a progression of coloring a page from Color in Wonder:



Coloring the Cover Image for Color in Wonder


Here I am coloring the image that will become the cover for Color in Wonder.




Sneak Peak: Color in Wonder Adult Coloring Book


Here is a preview of the new adult coloring book I am working on, Color in Wonder. This will be for the advanced colorist as well as for those starting out. As always, it will be illustrated with loving detail to color in as much or as little as desired.



Speed Coloring: Color in Fashion


Here is a fun speed coloring video of Color in Fashion by Adrienne from Cleverpedia.



Look Inside: Color in Fashion


Take a look inside my adult coloring book Color in Fashion.




Coloring Book Addict Video


Thanks to Coloring Book Addict, who posted a Facebook video about Color in Fashion.