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Accomplished illustrator Alecia Blake presents Color In Wonder: An Adult Coloring Book of Childhood Memories. Colorists will enjoy varied, intricate backgrounds, full of country, forest, beach and playground scenes, floral patterns, toys, dolls, butterflies, kitties, and much, much more. Find calmness and peace while you color these pages and make them your own.

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A Stylish Adult Coloring Book

Color in Fashion Coloring Book

Find calmness and peace while you make

these pages your own by coloring them.

My extensive background as a fashion illustrator gave me the idea to create this book, and I am so excited to share it with you. Inside you will find 30 pages of fashion figures set in varied, intricate backgrounds, full of city and country scenes, paisley and floral patterns, butterflies, loops, and much, much more.

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Each coloring page is printed on a separate sheet to avoid bleed through. Colored pencils, crayons and water-based markers are best, but if using alcohol-based markers, slip a blank white sheet of paper behind each page for added protection.

My wish is that the figures, designs, patterns and every swirl and curve I drew will bring you creative inspiration and relaxation. I hope that coloring these pages takes you away from the pressures of everyday life into the fun and whimsical world of style and fashion.

A reviewer writes:

One of the best fashion coloring books I have seen so far!

Alecia Blake is a fashion illustrator by trade and it shows. Where some fashion coloring books merely pattern simple designs, this book is much more focused on what a fashionista would like first, then translating that idea into a coloring page. I really enjoyed browsing through and have picked my first design to color in… if my friend doesn’t snatch the book from me after seeing it at coffee today.

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Color in Fashion: A Stylish Adult Coloring Book

by Alecia Blake. 30 pages. Available now on Amazon.

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